As the digital realm undergoes rapid transformation in 2024, the onus on creating impeccable, secure, and personalised digital experiences has never been higher. In August, the Sydney Digital Experience Summit set the stage as the definitive confluence for leaders and enthusiasts seeking to understand, interpret, and navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

This flagship event unites Australia's leading minds in the digital and marketing sphere to dissect crucial subjects shaping the future of digital engagement:

  • Building Digital Trust: Crafting strategies to foster unwavering trust in an increasingly digital world.
  • First Party Data and Personalisation: Harnessing proprietary data to tailor seamless and intimate user experiences.
  • Omnichannel Mastery: Architecting consistent experiences across various digital touchpoints.
  • Digital Experience Performance Optimisation: Fine-tuning platforms and strategies for peak performance.
  • Managing Digital Overload: Strategies to declutter, streamline, and ensure user-centricity in a digital-first environment.
  • AI in Digital and Customer Experience: Leveraging artificial intelligence for enriched user engagement and efficient digital operations.

Featuring an illustrious lineup of industry stalwarts, the summit guarantees in-depth dialogues and invaluable networking opportunities. The insights acquired here will empower you to recalibrate your digital and marketing initiatives, ensuring customer delight and fostering business growth.

Dive deep, connect, and transform at the Sydney Digital Experience Summit 2024. Boost your digital and marketing prowess and play a pivotal role in sculpting the digital future.

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Arrival & Registration


Welcome & Ice-Breaker Exercise


Opening Keynote
Building Trust in the Digital Age


Consistent Omnichannel Experiences


Morning Tea & Exhibition


Keynote session to be announced shortly!


First-Party Data and Personalisation


Roundtable Discussions:
Choose 1 Roundtable Discussion Topic to join on the day!

  1. First Party Data in a Cookie-less World
  2. AI in Digital and Customer Experience
  3. Building Digital Trust
  4. Mastering Omnichannel
  5. Tackling Digital Overload
  6. Crafting Personalised User Journeys
  7. The Future of e-Commerce
  8. Utilising Latest Digital Technologie


Lunch & Exhibition


The Future of AI in Customer and Digital Experience


Closing Keynote:
Navigating Digital Overload


Event Closed

Chief Technology Officer
Chief Experience Officer
Chief Data Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Heads of Digital Experience
Heads of eCommerce
Digital Transformation Directors

Senior UX Manager
Senior Digital Manager
Senior DX Manager
Senior CX Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Innovation Manager
Mobile Strategy Manager



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