As the digital age accelerates transformation across industries, the HR landscape stands at a critical juncture. This new era demands a redefinition of workforce dynamics, focusing on innovative talent strategies, the integration of emerging technologies, and the cultivation of an inclusive, agile workplace culture.

In this session we will look to equip HR Leaders with the insights and tools necessary to lead their organisations through the complexities of the current talent landscape by focusing on innovative talent strategies and fostering a culture that places employee experience at the forefront of HR practices.

This event includes lunch (estimated value $120.00 AUD per person). We are pleased to accept payment for all or a portion of this event as permitted or required under your ethics laws and policies and can provide additional information or documentation upon request. 




Registration & Networking


Welcome Session: Insightful Exploration of HR Meta-Trends

This segment delves into the core trends transforming HR today. Topics include the evolution towards skills-based hiring, the impact of technological advancements on employee engagement and productivity, and strategies for fostering holistic well-being within the workforce. Through expert-led presentations, attendees will gain a deep understanding of how to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing HR landscape. 

Sean Collins, Head of APJ Value Advisory - SAP SuccessFactors


Customer Panel: Leveraging Diversity for Innovation

An interactive panel discussion featuring leaders who have successfully harnessed the power of diversity to drive innovation within their organisations. This conversation will explore real-world examples of how diverse talent pools contribute to creative solutions, the role of technology in supporting inclusive practices, and strategies for embedding diversity and inclusion into the fabric of organisational culture.

Irena Stefanovska, General Manager, Reward & People Operations - ISPT
Ellen Flint, Chief People Officer - The Royal Melbourne Hospital


Interactive Round Table Discussion: Building Resilience in HR Leadership

A collaborative roundtable where all participants can engage in dialogue about the challenges and opportunities facing HR leadership in today's dynamic environment. Discussions will focus on sharing experiences, strategies for developing resilient leadership qualities, and practical steps for leading HR transformation efforts in uncertain times. This segment aims to foster a community of learning, sharing, and mutual support among HR professionals.


Discussion Summary & Event Concludes


Event Closed


Sean Collins

Head of APJ Value Advisory

Irena Stefanovska

General Manager, Reward & People Operations

Ellen Flint

Chief People Officer

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