In the rapidly evolving landscape of asset management, the integration of digital engineering practices stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. As organisations strive to navigate this transition, the concept of digital twins, adherence to standards like ISO 19650, and the development of comprehensive digital engineering plans become pivotal.

This roundtable discussion aims to dissect the journey towards digital engineering, offering insights into the methodologies, technologies, and strategic planning necessary to harness the full potential of digital transformation in asset management.

Key points of discussion will include:

  • Developing a Digital Engineering Plan: Crafting a roadmap that outlines the strategic integration of digital technologies across project lifecycles, focusing on the alignment with business objectives, scalability, and the fostering of a digital culture within organisations.
  • Embracing Digital Twins for Asset Management: Exploring the creation and utilisation of digital twins as a core component of digital engineering, discussing their impact on enhancing decision-making, optimising operations, and facilitating predictive maintenance.
  • Achieving ISO 19650 Compliance: Delving into the standards set forth by ISO 19650 for managing information over the whole life cycle of a built asset and outlining the steps necessary for compliance, thereby ensuring efficiency, consistency, and quality in digital project delivery.




Arrival and Refreshments


Welcome & Introduction                                                                                                                                                 


Discussion Topic 1:
Developing a Digital Engineering Plan


Discussion Topic 2:
Embracing Digital Twins for Asset Management


Discussion Topic 3:
Achieving ISO 19650 Compliance


Session Wrap Up & Networking


Official Event Closed


Dana-te Boston

Managing Director

Millennium Insights

Daniel Howarth

Senior Asset Management Partner

Millennium Insights

David Small

Principal Sales Leader - IBM Sustainability Software

IBM Australia and NZ


Stephen Johnston

Managing Director


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