As hybrid cloud infrastructures become more prevalent, optimising IT expenditures is essential for sustaining performance and driving innovation. Effective management of tool spending within these complex environments is crucial for achieving both efficiency and security.

This roundtable will explore strategies that ensure cost efficiency without compromising security, providing actionable insights for IT and security leaders.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Optimisation of Tool Portfolios: We will discuss streamlining tool ecosystems to enhance operational efficiency and align investments with strategic and security outcomes.
  • Leveraging Automation for Cost Savings: We'll examine how automation can cut operational costs and bolster service delivery, including security enhancements.
  • Enhancing Security Posture through Cost-Effective Strategies: We'll explore cost-effective security strategies that maintain or improve protection in hybrid cloud environments.

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This event includes lunch (estimated value $130.00 AUD per person). We are pleased to accept payment for all or a portion of this event as permitted or required under your ethics laws and policies and can provide additional information or documentation upon request. 




Arrival, Refreshments and networking


Welcome & Introduction


Topic 1:
Streamlining Tool Ecosystems to Enhance Operational Efficiency 


Topic 2:
How Automation Can Cut Operational Costs and Bolster Service Delivery


Topic 3:
Cost-Effective Security Strategies that Maintain or Improve Protection in Hybrid Cloud Environments


Discussion Wrap Up




Official Event Closed
Guests welcome to stay at leisure.

Barry Anderson

Security Solution Architect


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Gigamon offers a deep observability pipeline that harnesses actionable network-derived intelligence and insights to amplify the power of your cloud, security, and observability tools. This powerful combination enables you to assure security and compliance governance, speed root-cause analysis of performance bottlenecks, and lower the operation overhead associated with managing your hybrid and multi-cloud IT infrastructure.