To celebrate the 10-year edition of the Logicalis CIO Report, our global CIO Summits are exploring The Future Face of Tech Leadership. Join us to explore how the role of the CIO has evolved, and what may be in store for IT leaders in the future. You’ll also get an exclusive re-cap of the key takeaways and insights from the 2024 Gartner IT Symposium.

Today’s Australian technology leaders have to master a tricky balancing act. From the rapid rise of AI and advanced security threats, to global economic uncertainty and the mounting need for climate action, these disruptive forces demand considerable time and attention. 

How do you stay true to your strategy, stay curious and experiment, learn from mistakes, and deliver value quickly?

Hear from other Australian technology leaders and experts as we unpack the trends and common challenges you are facing as an IT professional, gain a strategic advantage over emerging technologies, and a take a look to the future of this ever-changing ecosystem. 

Plus, enjoy the unique opportunity to connect with your peers throughout the day during our dedicated networking time and collaborative roundtable sessions.

Key topics will include:

  • A concise recap of the key trends, insights and strategies uncovered at the 2024 Gartner IT Symposium, presented by ITNews
  • Unveiling key insights from the 10th Annual Logicalis CIO Report, which polled 1,000 CIO’s across Australia and the world
  • Updates on the latest developments in AI enablement from a Microsoft technology evangelist

Seats at this exclusive event are highly limited, so register now to secure your spot!


  1. Understand the evolving role of the CIO: Understand a CIO’s future responsibilities in a complex technology landscape
  2. Exclusive insights from leading reports: Access key findings from the 2024 Gartner IT Symposium and 10th Annual Logicalis CIO Report
  3. AI and security developments: Learn about AI advancements and new security threats
  4. Strategic networking opportunities: Network with peers, sharing experiences and strategies during dedicated sessions and collaborative roundtable discussions.
  5. Future-ready strategies: Discover strategies to stay adaptable, innovative, and deliver value amidst economic uncertainty and climate action demands.

Karina Foley

Service Portfolio Manager, IT Operations

David Calvo

Chief Information Officer

Christopher Johnson

Head of Group Technology

Phillip Barlow

Director Partner Technology & CTO

Velvet-Belle Templeman

Publishing Director

Anthony Woodward

Chief Executive Officer,
Logicalis Australia

Chong Win Lee

Chief Executive Officer, Logicalis Asia Pacific




Arrival & Networking


10 Years of the Logicalis CIO Report: Key Outcomes and Learnings for CIOs in 2024

Anthony Woodward, CEO - Logicalis Australia
Chong Win Lee, CEO - Logicalis Asia Pacific


Lunch & Networking


Interactive Roundtable Discussions

Join interactive discussions to exchange ideas with your peers, covering topics including:

  1. Navigating Economic Uncertainty: Strategies for IT Leaders
  2. Harnessing Emerging Technologies: AI, Machine Learning, and Beyond
  3. Cybersecurity in 2024: Proactive Measures and Incident Response
  4. Data-Driven Decision Making: Maximising Business Value
  5. Leading Digital Transformation: Lessons from Industry Leaders
  6. Building and Managing High-Performing IT Teams


Unlocking AI Potential: Microsoft’s Guide to AI Enablement in Australian Organisations

Phillip Barlow, Director Partner Technology & CTO - Microsoft


Afternoon Tea


Gartner Symposium 2024 in Review: Presented by IT News

Velvet-Belle Templeman, Publishing Director - IT News


Customer Panel

Karina Foley, Service Portfolio Manager, IT Operations - Western Sydney University
David Calvo, Chief Information Officer - Northern Health
Christopher Johnson, Head of Group Technology - Charter Hall


Networking Hour


Event Closed

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