Navigating the intricate realm of Hybrid Cloud Economics is pivotal for CISOs and cybersecurity leaders aspiring to bolster security defences while managing financial constraints. The financial aspects of security are more crucial than ever, with leaders persistently tasked with optimising security efficacy within established budgets. 

The role of CISOs and cybersecurity leaders is fundamental in navigating the equilibrium between maintaining existing systems—known as technical debt—and investing in innovative hybrid cloud security solutions to support robust security frameworks.

This discussion strikes at the heart of such challenges, offering insights into balancing the inevitable costs of technical debt and ensuring valuable returns on investments in security tools and initiatives.

In our conversation, we will:

  • Develop actionable strategies to balance technical debt and reinforce security in hybrid cloud environments.
  • Investigate means to optimise the value and impact derived from security investments across diverse cloud services.
  • Examine upcoming innovations and trends in hybrid cloud security, reflecting on how they can reshape our strategies and approaches to security.


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Arrival, Refreshments and networking


Welcome & Introduction


Topic 1:
Balancing Tech Debt and Security in Hybrid Clouds & Strategies for Hybrid Cloud Security


Topic 2:
Optimising Cloud Security Investments & Maximising Value from Cloud Security investments


Topic 3:
Innovations in Hybrid Cloud Security & Future-Proofing Security in Hybrid Cloud 


Discussion Wrap Up




Official Event Closed
Guests welcome to stay at leisure.

Ian Farquhar

Security Chief Technology Officer


Dean Plant

Principal Sales Engineer


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