In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, financially assessing cyber threats is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. This roundtable discussion will explore advanced methodologies and innovative tools for quantifying cyber risks in financial terms, enabling leaders to transform cybersecurity challenges into strategic business opportunities.

Participants will gain insights into the latest trends and practices in cyber risk financial assessment, learning how to leverage this knowledge to drive better investment decisions and policy development.

Key topics to be covered:

  • Advanced Risk Quantification Techniques: Explore state-of-the-art methodologies and tools for accurately assessing and quantifying cyber risks.
  • Strategic Decision-Making Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of how financial quantification of cyber risks can inform strategic planning, investment priorities, and policy development.
  • Innovative Financial Frameworks: Discuss developing and implementing innovative financial frameworks that align cybersecurity investments with business objectives, maximising ROI and enhancing organisational resilience against cyber threats.

This event includes lunch (estimated value $120.00 AUD per person). We are pleased to accept payment for all or a portion of this event as permitted or required under your ethics laws and policies and can provide additional information or documentation upon request. 




Arrival and Refreshments




Discussion Topic 1:
Exploring state-of-the-art methodologies and tools for quantifying cyber risks


Discussion Topic 2:
Understanding how financial quantification of cyber risk can inform strategy


Discussion Topic 3:
Developing and implementing financial frameworks that align cyber investments and business objectives


Discussion Wrap Up & Conclusion




Official Event Closed
Guests welcome to stay at leisure.


Tim Grieveson

Senior Vice President - Global Cyber Risk Advisor


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