As we advance into 2024, the world of work is undergoing a radical transformation. With the integration of advanced technologies, the employee experience is becoming more digitally oriented, more efficient, and more adaptable.

This June, the Sydney Digital Workplace & Employee Experience Summit stands as your ultimate platform to interpret, interrogate, and integrate strategies for an evolving digital workforce landscape.

This essential summit unites Australia's most influential thinkers in HR, IT, and digital transformation to deep dive into the core topics defining the future of digital workplaces:

  • The Future of Work & the Digital Workplace: Mapping the evolving nexus of technology and talent.
  • Leveraging AI & Automation: Crafting superior employee experiences through intelligent technologies.
  • Hybrid Employee Experiences: Ensuring consistency, connection, and collaboration across diverse working models.
  • Streamlined Digital Onboarding: Creating seamless transitions for new joiners in a digital era.
  • The Metaverse & its Digital Workplace Impact: Understanding the new virtual realms reshaping our work paradigms.
  • Effective Digital Learning & Development: Strategies for cultivating skills and growth in a digitised environment.

Assembled with an elite panel of professionals and industry trailblazers, the summit ensures meaningful dialogues and invaluable networking possibilities. The insights shared will equip you to reshape your digital strategies, championing innovation and productivity in your enterprise.

Dive deep, discuss, and develop at the Sydney Digital Workplace and Employee Experience Summit 2024. Elevate your understanding of the digital transformation and be at the forefront of sculpting the future of work.

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Miranda Ratajski
Chief Information Officer, Group Business Units

Tanya Graham
Group Executive - Digital & Transformation

Glen Babington, CSC
Chief Operating Officer

Spencer McFadden
General Manager
Digital Workplace

Adam Byrnes
VP of Product and Growth


Katrina Eadie
Executive Director Corporate Services & Business Improvement

Event MC.

Luke Hannan
Event MC


Arrival & Registration


Welcome & Table Exercise


Opening Keynote:
The Interrelations of Data, Technology and People in Creating Dynamic Employee Experiences at Westpac

Explore best practice in balancing the intricate relationship between data, technology, and human elements in shaping vibrant employee experiences, maximising efficiency and driving operational excellence.

  • Humanising Technology: Explore approaches to integrating technology in a way that enhances, rather than detracts from, the employee experience, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency
  • Empowering Employees Through Digital Tools: Discuss the role of technology in empowering employees to work more effectively and collaboratively, regardless of their role or location
  • Leveraging Data for Enhanced Employee Engagement: Discover how data analytics can inform strategies to boost employee engagement and satisfaction, driving productivity and retention
  • Cultivating a Culture of Inclusivity: Highlight the importance of creating an inclusive workplace environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and supported in their professional growth and development

Miranda Ratajski, Chief Information Officer, Group Business Units - Westpac


Empowering Employee Workplaces with AI and Automation: Driving Efficiency and Innovation

In the era of digital transformation, harnessing the power of AI and automation is essential for optimising employee workplaces and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

  • AI and Automation in Daily Operations: Exploring practical applications of AI and automation to streamline tasks, increase productivity, and enhance decision-making processes
  • Impact on Employee Experience: Discussing the potential benefits and challenges of integrating AI and automation into the workplace, including its effects on job roles, skills development, and employee engagement
  • Ethical Considerations and Human-Centric Design: Addressing ethical implications and ensuring that AI and automation initiatives prioritise employee well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Future Outlook and Opportunities: Assessing emerging trends and opportunities in AI and automation technologies that have the potential to revolutionise employee workplaces and drive organisational success

Tanya Graham, Group Executive - Digital & Transformation - iCare NSW
Spencer McFadden, General Manager - Digital Workplace - Venita


Morning Tea & Networking


Keynote to be announced shortly!


Navigating the Evolution of Employee and Employer Expectation

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, this panel explores the changing expectations of both employees and employers over the next five years, focusing on technical skills, adaptability, and work-life balance.

  • Skills for the Future Workforce: Examining the key technical competencies and soft skills that will be in high demand among employees in the coming years, including adaptability, creativity, and digital literacy
  • Embracing a Learning Mindset: Discussing the importance of fostering a culture of continuous learning and upskilling within organisations to ensure employees remain relevant and adaptable in an ever-changing digital environment
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Exploring the growing desire for flexibility in work arrangements, including remote work options, flexible hours, and alternative work structures, and how organisations can accommodate these preferences while maintaining productivity and collaboration
  • Prioritising Work-Life Integration: Delving into the evolving expectations of employees regarding work-life balance and how employers can support holistic well-being initiatives to attract and retain top talent in the digital age

To be announced shortly!


Roundtable Discussions:
Choose 1 topic to discuss on the day!

  1. The Digital First Employee Experience
  2. Future-Proofing Digital Strategy
  3. AI-Powered HR
  4. Hybrid Workplace Psychology
  5. Unified Digital Platforms
  6. Digital Onboarding Strategies
  7. IT’s Role in Employee Experience
  8. What will the Digital Workplace look like in 5 years


Lunch & Exhibition


Building Robust Operating Practices that Value People, are Built on Good Process and Leverage Powerful Technology

Explore current trends shaping workforce effectiveness, enhancing employee experiences and optimising costs to promote operational efficiency.

  • Measuring Success: Discussing how operational effectiveness is measured against efficiency, employee satisfaction and growth
  • Collaborative Tools and Practices: Exploring user-friendly digital collaboration tools and work paradigms that enable a culture of unrestricted teamwork and enhance employee experiences
  • Remote Leadership Skills: Identifying key leadership skills and techniques for effectively managing remote and hybrid teams, promoting trust, and fostering connection
  • Innovating Processes: "It's how we've always done it" has been banished from business vernacular, but are we set to say goodbye to age-old processes? 

Glen Babington, CSC - Chief Operating Officer - UTS
Katrina Eadie - Executive Director Corporate Services & Business Improvement - NSW Health


Closing Keynote:
Navigating the Future of Work, Workplaces and Workers

As we propel toward 2030, work dynamics continue to undergo a profound shift, with technology integration shaping a digitally-driven, efficient, and adaptable work landscape. 

  • The Evolving Nexus of Technology and Talent: Mapping the future work landscape amidst digital transformation
  • Unpacking the workforce of the future: How will work practices evolve with the introduction of new generations and ways of thinking
  • Crafting Superior Experiences with AI & Automation: Leveraging intelligent technologies to enhance employee engagement and productivity
  • Ensuring Consistency of brand guidelines and expectations: Strategies for fostering collaboration across diverse working models and employment arrangements

Adam Byrnes - VP of Product and Growth -


Event Closed

Chief Human Resource Officers
Chief Information Officers
Chief Technology Officers
Heads of Employee Experience
Heads of IT
Digital Transformation Directors

Senior HR Manager
Senior Digital Workplace Manager
Senior HR Technology Manager
Senior L&D Manager
Employee Engagement Manager
Talent Acquisition Manager
Internal Communications Managers
Workplace Strategists


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