As 2024 unfolds, the landscape of cloud security is rapidly evolving. The Melbourne Cloud Security Summit in March is your gateway to understanding this dynamic world.

This significant event assembles industry stalwarts to dive into pressing cloud security topics, such as:

  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Security: Ensuring seamless and secure integrations across various cloud platforms.
  • Zero Trust Architecture in the Cloud: Building a resilient cloud defence that trusts no threat, regardless of origin.
  • Serverless Security: Safeguarding infrastructures beyond traditional server setups.
  • Container and Orchestration Security: Prioritising safety in our applications' core structures.
  • Using AI and ML for Cloud Security: Leveraging intelligence to bolster cloud defence mechanisms.
  • Cloud Data Protection: Upholding data integrity and privacy in cloud environments.

This cloud security event attracts over 100 prominent figures and offers profound insights and expansive networking opportunities. The discussions here will provide actionable knowledge, enabling you to shape and refine your cloud security strategies.

Discover, engage, and define cloud security at the Melbourne Cloud Security Summit 2024. Enhance your expertise, foster valuable connections, and be part of the critical cloud security dialogue.

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Leonard Ng

Director, Secure Cloud & Digital Transformation

Michael Jackson

General Manager – IT Infrastructure & Security 

Barry Anderson

Security Solution Architect

Franchere Chan

Head of Trust Engineering

Sam Fariborz

Chief Information Security Officer

Abbas Kudrati

Professor of Practice - Cybersecurity

Neha Malik

Application Security Lead

Daisy Wong
Security Culture and
Awareness Lead

Amani Ibrahim, PhD

Partner | Chief AI and
Cybersecurity Advisor - FSI

Arnav Panchlothia 
Head of Audit Security

Nicolas Lock

Cloud Security Sales Leader

Ljubo Mandic

Chief Development Officer

Vishal Ghariwala
Senior Director & CTO, Asia Pacific

Matthew Fisher
Regional Data Centre and Network Manager - APAC


Arrival & Registration


Welcome & Ice-Breaker Exercise


Opening Keynote
Multi-Cloud Mastery: Building Resilient and Secure Cloud Ecosystems

This keynote tackles the vital challenges and evolving solutions in multi-cloud security. We'll examine how to protect data and applications across various cloud platforms, underscoring the need for an integrated security approach.

We will highlight innovation and actionable insights and discuss the latest trends, tools, and strategies to ensure robust security in a multi-cloud ecosystem, empowering organisations to navigate the changing cloud security landscape.Items to be covered include:

  • Understand the unique security challenges in multi-cloud environments
  • Discover cutting-edge security technologies and methodologies for securing multi-cloud environments.
  • Explore strategic frameworks for risk assessment and mitigation in multi-cloud environments, focusing on proactive measures, continuous monitoring, and incident response planning to ensure a resilient security posture.

Barry Anderson, Security Solution Architect - AGL


Trust No One: Implementing Zero Trust Architecture in Cloud Environments

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud security, the implementation of Zero Trust Architecture has become a cornerstone for robust cybersecurity strategies. As traditional security boundaries blur, the panel will explore the shift towards a 'trust no one' approach, emphasizing continuous verification in cloud security.

Expect a dynamic conversation covering the fundamentals of Zero Trust, practical challenges in its deployment, and strategies for maintaining robust security in an increasingly complex digital ecosystem. Items to be discussed include:

  • Understanding the core concepts of Zero Trust and its significance in cloud security.
  • Addressing the challenges and best practices for implementing Zero Trust in diverse cloud infrastructures.
  • Debating best practices for maintaining persistent security and trust checks in a Zero Trust framework.

Abbas Kudrati, Professor of Practice, Cybersecurity - La Trobe University
Amani Ibrahim, PhD - Partner | Chief AI and Cybersecurity Advisor FSI - Wipro
Arnav Panchlothia - Head of Audit Security - NAB
Matthew Fisher - Regional Data Centre and Network Manager - APAC - Norton Rose Fulbright
Moderated By:
Nicolas Lock, Cloud Security Sales Leader - Checkpoint


Morning Tea & Networking


Changing the Security Cat-and-Mouse Cybersecurity Game with Deep Observability

Consider two conflicting realities in cybersecurity: Record-high investments in security tools combined with unprecedented surge in cyberattacks, such as ransomware. Why is that?

A consistent element across numerous modern cyber breaches is the exploitation of network blind spots by threat actors. These "blind spots" encompass east-west perimeter traffic, virtualized traffic in private clouds, containerized traffic, and activities within public cloud infrastructures. Often bypassing traditional firewall defences, these traffics are further obscured through encryption, providing a stealthy avenue for malicious activities.

Learn how Deep Observability shines a new light where threat actors lurk. See how traditional network visibility evolved over the years and how Deep Observability brings the advantage back to threat defence.

Ljubo Mandic - Chief Development Officer - Gigamon


The Secure Container: Tackling Kubernetes Security Challenges

As containerisation and Kubernetes orchestration become integral to modern cloud infrastructures, their security is paramount. This panel will address the unique challenges and emerging best practices in securing containerised environments and Kubernetes clusters.

We'll explore the importance of comprehensive security strategies that encompass everything from container deployment to Kubernetes management, emphasising the need for vigilance and innovation in the face of evolving threats. Items to be covered include:

  • Strategies and best practices for securing container environments.
  • Effective methods for safeguarding Kubernetes clusters.
  • Discuss the latest threats to container and Kubernetes environments and how to counter them effectively.

Neha Malik, Application Security Lead - REA Group

Michael Jackson, General Manager, IT Infrastructure & Security - City Facilities Management
Vishal Ghariwala - Senior Director & CTO, Asia Pacific - SUSE


Roundtable Discussions:
Choose 1 topic to join on the day!

  1. Zero Trust Architecture for Cloud Security
  2. Safeguarding Cloud Native Applications from Build through to Deployment
  3. Emerging Threats in Cloud Security in 2024
  4. AI’s Role in Maintaining Cloud Security, Risk and Compliance
  5. Securing Multi-cloud Environments
  6. Safeguarding the Hybrid Cloud Landscape Against Emerging Threats
  7. Cloud-native Security Tools and Technologies
  8. Cloud Security Automation and Orchestration


Lunch & Exhibition


Safeguarding the Cloud: Data Protection, Governance, and Trust

This panel addresses the multifaceted challenge of protecting data in cloud environments, emphasising the critical roles of governance and trust-building. We will explore strategies to ensure data security and compliance in the cloud, highlighting the importance of robust governance frameworks.

The talk will also delve into how organisations can build and maintain trust in their cloud security measures, both internally and with their stakeholders, by adhering to best practices and transparent policies. Items to be covered include:

  • Techniques and technologies for effectively protecting cloud-stored data.
  • Discussing the role of governance frameworks in cloud data security and compliance.
  • Strategies for cultivating trust in cloud security measures among users and external stakeholders.

Franchere Chan, Head of Trust Engineering - Dubber
Sam Fariborz, Chief Information Security Officer - David Jones
Daisy Wong, Security Culture and Awareness Lead - Flybuys


Closing Keynote:
Artificial Intelligence: The New Frontier in Cloud Security

Exploring the cutting-edge integration of Artificial Intelligence in cloud security, this keynote delves into how AI-driven solutions are transforming the cybersecurity landscape. We will discuss the significant impact of AI in enhancing threat detection, providing predictive analytics, and optimizing security operations in cloud environments.

The session aims to illuminate how AI technologies enable businesses to proactively combat evolving cyber threats while streamlining security management. Items to be discussed include:

  • Discover how AI transforms the landscape of threat detection, enabling quicker and more precise identification of complex cyber threats.
  • The role of AI in enabling proactive security strategies and risk assessment.
  • How AI integration streamlines security management, reducing manual workloads and improving resource allocation.

Leonard Ng, Director, Secure Cloud & Digital Transformation - Deloitte


Event Closed

  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Technical Information Security Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Heads of Cloud Security
  • Cybersecurity Directors
  • Heads of Infrastructure


  • Senior Cybersecurity Manager
  • Senior Cloud Security Manager
  • Senior Cloud Manager
  • Senior Infrastructure Manager
  • Cloud Compliance Manager
  • Network Security Manager
  • Cloud, Infrastructure, Network & Cyber Engineers & Architects



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