As 2024 unfolds, the landscape of cloud security is rapidly evolving. The Auckland Cloud Security Summit in May is your gateway to understanding this dynamic world.

This significant event assembles industry stalwarts to dive into pressing cloud security topics, such as:

  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Security: Ensuring seamless and secure integrations across various cloud platforms.
  • Zero Trust Architecture in the Cloud: Building a resilient cloud defence that trusts no threat, regardless of origin.
  • Serverless Security: Safeguarding infrastructures beyond traditional server setups.
  • Container and Orchestration Security: Prioritizing safety in our applications' core structures.
  • Using AI and ML for Cloud Security: Leveraging intelligence to bolster cloud defence mechanisms.
  • Cloud Data Protection: Upholding data integrity and privacy in cloud environments.

This cloud security event attracts over 100 prominent figures and offers profound insights and expansive networking opportunities. The discussions here will provide actionable knowledge, enabling you to shape and refine your cloud security strategies.

Discover, engage, and define cloud security at the Auckland Cloud Security Summit 2024. Enhance your expertise, foster valuable connections, and be part of the critical cloud security dialogue.

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Eli Hirschauge 

Head of Information Security

Roxanne Salton

Chief Digital Officer

Martin Bleakley

Chief Information Security Officer

Jenny Botton 

Domain Chapter Lead - Int.
Security & Governance

Dane Maslen

Chief Information Security Officer

Kane Narraway

Head of Enterprise Security

Mark Knowles

Global General Manager
Security Assurance

Ahmed Ali 

Chapter Lead - Network and Security

Nigel Wright

Director of Security & Reliability

Sachin Bhatia 

CIO50 2023 & Cyber Security Lead Trainer

Varun Thapar 

Cloud Security Lead ANZ

Event MC.

Paul Spain

Futurist & Host of The NZ Tech Podcast


Arrival & Registration


Welcome & Ice-Breaker Exercise


Opening Keynote:
Securing Conversational AI: Empowering Business Innovation Safely

Learn how security leaders can facilitate the integration of conversational AI technologies within their organisations while ensuring robust security measures are in place. The discussion will emphasise the importance of enabling innovation without compromising on security standards, ultimately driving business growth and efficiency.

  • Enable innovation safely by supporting conversational AI adoption while ensuring robust security measures
  • Mitigate risks with tailored security protocols addressing data privacy and cyber threats
  • Cultivate a security-conscious culture promoting education, collaboration, and adherence to best practices

Mark Knowles - Global General Manager Security Assurance - Xero


Cloud Security in 2024 and Beyond: Challenges and Opportunities

The rapid adoption of cloud computing has brought many benefits, but also new risks and threats to the security of data, applications, and infrastructure. 

In this panel discussion, security and cloud experts will share their insights and experiences on how to address the current and future challenges of cloud security, such as:

  • How to balance the trade-offs between security, performance, and cost in cloud environments
  • How can our audit and reporting programs keep up with technology innovation?
  • How to comply with the evolving regulatory, privacy and ethical standards for cloud security
  • How to foster a culture of security awareness and best practices among cloud users and providers

Dane Maslen - Chief Information Security Officer - Kami
Roxanne Salton - Chief Digital Officer - Southern Cross Health Society

Mark Knowles - Global General Manager Security Assurance - Xero


Morning Tea & Networking


Session to be announced soon.


Zero Trust Architecture in the Cloud

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud security, the implementation of Zero Trust Architecture has become a cornerstone for robust cybersecurity strategies. As traditional security boundaries blur, the panel will explore the shift towards a 'trust no one' approach, emphasizing continuous verification in cloud security.

Expect a dynamic conversation covering the fundamentals of Zero Trust, practical challenges in its deployment, and strategies for maintaining robust security in an increasingly complex digital ecosystem. Items to be discussed include:

  • Understanding the core concepts of Zero Trust and its significance in cloud security
  • Addressing the challenges and best practices for implementing Zero Trust in diverse cloud infrastructures
  • Debating best practices for maintaining persistent security and trust checks in a Zero Trust framework

Eli Hirschauge - Head of Information Security - ANZ New Zealand

Kane Narraway - Head of Enterprise Security - Canva
Ahmed Ali - Chapter Lead - Network and Security - Spark NZ


Varun Thapar - Cloud Security Lead ANZ - Checkpoint


Roundtable Discussions:
Choose 1 topic to join on the day!

  1. Zero Trust
  2. Risk in Cloud Native Apps
  3. Emerging Tech 
  4. AI in Cloud Sec
  5. Multi Cloud Configuration
  6. Skills
  7. Security Tool Innovation
  8. Automation


Lunch & Exhibition


Container & Kubernetes Security

Containers and Kubernetes have become the de facto standards for deploying and managing applications in the cloud. However, they also introduce new challenges and risks for security leaders, such as visibility, compliance, configuration, and runtime protection. How can security leaders ensure that their container and Kubernetes environments are secure, resilient, and compliant?

  • What are the main security threats and challenges facing container and Kubernetes environments in 2024 and beyond?
  • What are the best practices and tools for securing container and Kubernetes configurations, images, registries, and pipelines?
  • How can security leaders monitor and protect container and Kubernetes workloads at runtime, across different cloud platforms and hybrid environments?
  • How can security leaders leverage automation, orchestration, and DevSecOps to integrate security into the container and Kubernetes lifecycle?

Martin Bleakley - Chief Information Security Officer - Laybuy
Nigel Wright- Director of Security & Reliability - First AML


Closing Panel:
Nurturing Talent in Cloud Security & Technology: Strategies for Success in a Small Market
In niche fields within smaller markets, finding and fostering talent is a unique challenge. This panel will explore innovative approaches to not only attract diverse talent but also nurture careers to ensure individuals stay and thrive in the industry.

  • Talent Acquisition in Small Markets: Discussing strategies for identifying and attracting diverse talent pools in smaller markets, including leveraging local networks, educational institutions, and community partnerships
  • Nurturing Career Growth: Exploring initiatives and programs aimed at providing ongoing education, mentorship, and professional development opportunities to support career advancement and retention in cloud security and technology roles
  • Building Inclusive Cultures: Sharing best practices for creating inclusive workplace environments that value diversity and empower individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to contribute and grow within the organisation
  • Collaborative Ecosystems: Highlighting the importance of industry collaboration, government support, and community engagement in fostering a thriving ecosystem for cloud security and technology talent in small markets, and showcasing successful collaborative initiatives

Sachin Bhatia - Cyber Security Lead Trainer - Institute of Data
Jenny Botton - Domain Chapter Lead - Int. Security & Governance - CCL


Event Closed

Chief Information Security Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Technical Information Security Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Heads of Cloud Security
Cybersecurity Directors
Heads of Infrastructure


Senior Cybersecurity Manager
Senior Cloud security Manager
Senior Cloud Manager
Senior Infrastructure Manager
Cloud Compliance Manager
Network Security Manager
Senior DevSecOps Manager
Data Protection Officer
Principle Cybersecurity Architect





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