As the digital landscape expands in 2024, the synergy between Big Data and AI/ML becomes increasingly indispensable, unlocking unparalleled potential but also presenting intricate challenges. This May, the Sydney Big Data Summit emerges as your essential platform to interpret, engage, and leverage the shifting paradigms in our data-centric world.

This Summit brings together Australia's foremost data experts to deep-dive into critical subjects shaping the Big Data sphere:

  • Empowering AI and ML with Big Data: Transforming raw data into actionable intelligence for groundbreaking solutions.
  • Big Data in the Cloud: Navigating the intricacies of cloud-based data storage and analytics.
  • Predictive Analytics: Harnessing the power of data for future-focused decision-making.
  • Big Data Security: Fortifying vast data architectures against contemporary threats.
  • Big Data Governance & Compliance: Navigating the nexus of ethics and regulations in a data-dense era.
  • Big Data Storage and Lakehouses: Pioneering strategies for integrated, scalable storage solutions.

With a lineup of experienced experts and industry pioneers, the summit promises in-depth discussions and valuable networking opportunities. The wisdom shared here will empower you to refine your data strategies, pushing the envelope of innovation and success in your organisation.

Discover, connect, and elevate your data insights at the Sydney Big Data Summit in 2024, where you'll boost your knowledge of Big Data's vast possibilities and play an active role in guiding data-driven advancements.

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Arrival & Registration


Welcome & Table Exercise


Opening Keynote:
Empowering AI and ML with Big Data


Big Data Security


Morning Tea & Exhibition


Keynote session to be announced shortly!


Big Data in the Cloud


Roundtable Discussions:
Choose 1 topic to join on the day!

  1. AI and ML Integration
  2. The Future of Cloud Based Data
  3. Predictive Analytics in Action
  4. Big Data and IoT
  5. Big Data Security
  6. Data Visualisation Tools and Techniques
  7. Real-Time Analytics
  8. Governance and Ethics in Big Data


Lunch & Exhibition


Enhancing Data Security Infrastructure


Closing Keynote:
Big Data Governance and Compliance


Event Closed

Chief Data Officer
Chief Information Officer
Heads of Data Analytics
Heads of AI & ML
Heads of BI
Senior Data Security Manager
Cloud Data Manager

Big Data Manager
Data Lake Manager
Data Warehouse Manager
Data Governance Manager
Data Visualisation Manager



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