As the world marches forward into 2024, the ever-evolving realm of application and cloud security presents both pioneering prospects and intricate complexities. In September, the Melbourne AppSec and DevSecOps Summit stands as your indispensable gateway to navigate, negotiate, and nurture strategies in this ever-vital domain.

This paramount event congregates Australia’s top-tier software and security experts, offering profound insights into themes that mould the current application and cloud security panorama:

  • Software Supply Chain Risk: Delving into the risks associated with software sourcing and managing them proficiently.
  • Developer Training and Engagement: Cultivating an environment where developers are equipped, involved, and inspired.
  • Continuous Threat Modelling: Up-to-the-minute strategies for persistently evaluating and mitigating threats.
  • AI-Driven Software Assurance: Leveraging artificial intelligence for proactive software security.
  • Software Delivery Governance: Ensuring systematic and secure processes in software delivery pipelines.
  • App, Cloud, and Product Security: Comprehensive strategies for safeguarding today's digital assets.

Featuring a line-up of esteemed professionals and visionaries from the security sphere, the summit guarantees illuminating dialogues and unparalleled networking occasions. The insights and experiences shared will enable you to hone your security postures, fostering resilience and excellence in your establishment.

Unravel, unite, and uplift your security strategies at the Melbourne AppSec and DevSecOps Summit 2024. Boost your security prowess and be at the forefront of the application and cloud security revolution.

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Cole Cornford

Founder & CEO

Our full event program will be announced early 2024!

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Arrival & Registration


Welcome & Ice-Breaker Exercise


Opening Keynote:
Managing Software Supply Chain Risk                                                                                                      

Cole Cornford, Founder & CEO - Galah Cyber


Developer Training and Engagement


Morning Tea & Networking


Session to be announced shortly! 


Continuous Threat Modelling


Roundtable Discussions:

  1. Securing Cloud Architecture
  2. Optimising DevSecOps Integration
  3. AI in DevSecOps + AppSec
  4. DevOps Incident Response
  5. Managing Supply Chain Risks
  6. API Security and Management
  7. Security in CI/CD
  8. Serverless Security


Lunch & Exhibition


Software Delivery Governance


Closing Keynote:
AI-Driven Software Assurance


Event Closed

  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Heads of Application Security
  • DevSecOps Leaders
  • Application Security and DevSecOps Architects and Engineers
  • Cybersecurity Engineering Leaders
  • Cloud Security Directors
  • Heads of DevOps and Engineering
  • Security Product Managers
  • Senior AppSec Manager
  • Senior DevSecOps Manager
  • Senior Cybersecurity Manager
  • Senior DevOps Manager
  • Senior Cloud Security Manager
  • Senior Engineering Manager
  • Senior Product Security Manager

Our line-up of Partners will be announced early 2024!


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